My Voice is Louder Than Hate

My Voice is Louder Than Hate is a multimedia lesson resource designed to empower students in Grades 9 to 12 to push back against hate and prejudice in their online communities.

Over the course of this program, students will: learn how to push back when they encounter hate or prejudice online; develop digital and media literacy skills to recognize and confront hate material online; and, prepare to take action as digital citizens by taking an active role in forming the norms and values of their offline communities and using digital and media tools for civic action online and offline.

This program consists of four elements: an online multimedia platform that includes learning resources, practice scenarios and tools for media-making; two lessons that use the different features of the multimedia platform to educate and empower students to respond to hate and prejudice online; a training workshop to prepare teachers to deliver these lessons; and a teacher’s guide, which provides teachers with background information and resources to use in implementing the program. Learn more.