Explore Black Achievement: Canada History Week

This year, Canada History Week highlights the History of Black Achievement in Canada. The topics covered in this magazine and the accompanying videos only begin to scratch the surface of Black Canadian History, but we hope they can be used as a starting point to learn more about the impressive achievements of Black Canadians. The week aims to encourage Canadians to reflect upon and engage with Canada’s past, and in so doing, to better understand our diverse history and the role Black Canadians have had in shaping this country’s identity.

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Violet King: The Professional Trailblazer Who Broke Down Barriers 

The first Black woman to become a lawyer in Canada, Violet King spoke out about racism and sexism in the workplace. 


Clement Ligoure: The Unsung Hero of the Halifax Explosion

The first Black doctor to practice in Nova Scotia, Clement Ligoure tended to hundreds of patients in the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.


Joe Trouillot: Cultural Influencer and Champion of the Haitian-Canadian community

Joe Trouillot’s career spanning more than sixty years, with more than 300 original songs in five languages, earned him the title of the Patriarch of Haitian music.