Educational Resources for Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day,

a yearly event meant to raising awareness about the environment and how to protect it. But the truth is, every day must be Earth Day if we plan on a brighter future. Curated by the National Film Board of Canada, here are a selection of films and resources to help you tackle today’s environmental issues in the classroom while taking a closer look at our world and sustainability.

Hadwin's Judgement Mini-Lesson (Ages 16+)
Overarching Question: Did Hadwin’s motive justify his extreme actions? Is Hadwin a hero, an environmental “terrorist” or a man gone mad?
Metamorphosis Mini-Lesson (Ages 15+)
Overarching Question: Can we, as Canadian and global citizens, maintain our current lifestyle and yet work towards a sustainable community?
Films about the Environment (Ages 13+)
Naomi Klein curated a playlist that looks at the impact of corporate decisions on the environment and celebrates the inspiring responses of communities in Canada and around the world.
Sovereign Soil Mini-Lesson (Ages 12+)

Overarching Question: How can we connect ourselves to the land in the modern age?

Waterlife Mini-Lesson (Ages 13+)

Overarching Question: The Great Lakes play an important part in Canada’s identity, but how is their impact on our lives changing as pollution, invasive species and other issues continue to threaten them?

Borealis Mini-Lesson (Ages 14+)
Overarching Question: With so many human and natural actions impacting the boreal forest, how does it continue to thrive?
The Magnitude of All Things Mini-Lesson (Ages 16+)
Overarching Question: How can worldviews contribute to actions toward environmental stewardship, coping with ecological grief, and wellness?
Meltdown (Ages 5-9)
Overarching Question: How can society promote environmental stewardship?
Meltdown (Ages 5-9)
Celebrate our incredible planet with this selection of 10 films that tackle today’s environmental issues.
Meltdown (Ages 5-9)
When his home starts melting, a polar bear is forced to find a job in the big city. This short film looks at climate change from a different perspective.
Hope Builders (Ages 10-14)

Join a Grade 6 teacher and her class as they try out an experimental program aimed at preparing kids to take up environmental challenges.

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