Black History Month | TVO

February is Black History Month. All across TVO, we’re featuring documentaries, kids programming and journalism to highlight the history, stories and creativity of Black Canadians.

Other resources include:

Sunny’s Quest features first-person stories told by Black children from across Canada.

Countries important to us (Grade 2 Learning Activity) offers an opportunity for students to consider what countries are important to them, and why.

Syncopated rhythm (Grade 4 Learning Activity) is an exploration of the Afro-Caribbean music style of Calypso. Featuring stories sung in French Creole, this music was created in Trinidad and Tobago and spread throughout the West Indies.

Innovations in music (Grade 7 Learning Activity) highlights how reusing song verses was a way to pass down Black stories from generation to generation.

Learn about the steelpan highlights music discoveries and DIY “craftstruments.” This episode features musician Joy Lapps discussing (and playing!) the Caribbean-created steelpan.

Ainara’s Bookshelf features literary learning guided by Ainara, a 13-year-old Ontario teen who loves to read. In this episode, she chats with award-winning author Lawrence Hill about his YA book Beatrice and Croc Harry.

Hometown Queen is a TVO Arts resource designed to explore Camille Turner’s 2010 artwork, Hometown Queen. The image depicts a Black beauty pageant queen with a sash that reads “Miss Canadiana.” She appears in contrast to an industrial facility behind her.